Portland Museum of Art, Portland, OR

Denver Contemporary Art Museum, Denver, CO

Kirkland Museum, Denver, CO (two paintings)

San Jose Art Museum, San Jose, CA

Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA

Museum of Contemporary Art, Walzenberg, near Pueblo, CO

Panzio Museum and Art Center, Denver, CO

Kasteev Museum, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Bank of America, San Francisco, CA

Linklater, London, UK

Swiss Re, San Francisco, CA

Gulfco, Denver, CO

Brown and Tedstrom, Denver, CO

Gevurts Menashe, Portland, OR

Broebeck, Phleger, Harrison, San Francisco, CA

Coudert Brothers, San Francisco, CA

Cathy Kimbal, San Jose, CA

Isabel Sawhill, Washington, DC

Jerry and Karen Ceppos, New Orleans, LA

Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes

Richard and Sue ReesPulley, London, UK

Jim Kelly and Amy Knox, Denver, CO

Russell Coleman, Paris, France

William Havu, Denver, CO

Nani Warren, Portland Museum, OR

Scott Huebner, Houston, TX

Greg Nettleton, Seattle, WA

David Brown, Portland, OR